Katherine Richardson: Climate science is – like Darwin did – challenging what the vast majority of society believes is an economic pillar – slavery trade then, fossil fuels now.


Katherine Richardson, a marine biologist at the University of Copenhagen, and chairman of the Danish climate commission said 9th December 2009 at the COP15 Peoples Climate Summit:

The climate debate is like the Darwin debate: "Both debates are about how humans think about themselves. In the case of Darwin it was, ‘Can we really just be another species and may be decended from ape?’, and in this case it is ‘Can human beings, as small and insignificant as we are, really have an impact on something as huge as the Earth and the way it works?’ "

"In both cases we are challenging what the vast majority of society actually believes is an economic pillar of the time. In the case of Darwin most of the people in power believed that economic growth was not possible without slave trade. When you come with an argument that we are all the same family and we are selling our brothers it kind of undermines slavery. That was one of the big problems in terms of social acceptance. And obviously we know that climate science is challenging the economic belief that you cannot have growth without fossil fuels as a source of energy".

This video was taken by me, Ole Terney, editor of BioNyt – Videnskabens Verden (www.bionyt.dk). My publication about climate change is only in Danish ( (link))

However I would strongly recommend this climate science status report from 2009:

(which is also in several other languages than English on http://climatecongress.ku.dk, such like: Arabic, Chinese, Danish, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish)

My blog about COP15 is www.nanonyt.dk:
Last blogs on this place was:


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